Purpose of the Association

The objective of the Pan-African Security Association (PASA) is to ensure that security and related contracts in Africa are solely discharged by legitimate companies complying with internationally accepted regulatory standards and the laws and regulations of African States.

Companies applying for membership have to undergo a thorough vetting process. Upon admission as members companies have to pledge to adhere to the PASA Code of Principles, Code of Conduct and any other rules and procedures governing the Association.

In order to assist PASA members with the establishment of companies, business ventures and registered offices in Africa, an agreement was reached with African International Business Centre (AIBC) to assist PASA and it's members at a preferred rate.

AIBC's core services include:
  • - Establishing legal enterprises within African jurisdictions
  • - Legal assistance
  • - Negotiations on behalf of clients
  • - Drafting and interpreting contractual agreements
  • - Compliance
  • - Risk analysis
  • - Due diligence
  • - Corporate Social Responsibility
  • - International human rights awareness and advice on liability issues
  • - Fully equipped business centers, offering, inter alia, registered company address
  • - Access to key players, legal experts, and specialist consultants in various African countries